What to Expect when Studying Marketing in the US: Culture Shock!


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Is this appropriate to wear to class? Am I allowed to say that? Is it a hand shake or two kisses on the cheek…or just one? AHHH. Welcome to culture shock; it’s the answer to your question about what to expect when studying marketing in the US.

Almost all international students experience some form of culture shock when they study abroad, after all you are living in a foreign country, probably speaking a foreign language, and live hundreds of miles from everything you consider “normal and/or familiar.” Give yourself a little credit for being brave enough to take the plunge and study overseas, it’s not something everyone can do! After you give yourself a little pat on the back, read these tips that can help you cope with culture shock and answer more of your questions about what to expect when studying marketing in the US:

“DO” list:

“DON’T” list:

Remember our first question about what to expect when studying marketing in the US? Other than the initial culture shock, international students can expect to get a great education, to make a lot of new friends, to learn a lot about themselves, and have a ton of fun living abroad. This is a huge opportunity- don’t worry about having the perfect study abroad experience, enjoy it and take it for what it is; being submerged in a new culture is a great opportunity to learn about a different way of life!

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